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History of company

History of First Travel agency

"FIRST Travel and Services" is one of the leading companies in Armenia executing incoming and outgoing tourism. We offer you a complete choice of sightseeing excursions not only in Armenia but also all over the world. Comfort, reliability and diversity of excursions are the features that make us so popular. A wide range of sightseeing programs conducted by our company will be your best guide in Armenia. The main goal of the company is to make your journey impressive unforgettable. Our credo is professionalism and quality in every sphere we provide.

"FIRST Travel and Services" office is located in the center of Yerevan and equipped with the modern communication. The Agency is staffed with professionals, having 20 years experience in Tourism Hospitality field. Our professional guides will bring to life the sites and places of interest you visit. Our support team includes experienced guide-interpreters speaking English, Russian French, German, Spanish, Greek, Persian, Arabian, etc. Many of them have a rich experience in tourism field.
The agency provides its services to tourists coming from the USA, Argentina, France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Lebanon and many other countries to Armenia and at the same time we arrange tours from Armenia to any point in the world. "FIRST Travel and Services" offers its assistance in organizing not only individual but also group tours.

Accommodation is an essential part of enjoying one’s holiday. The agency collaborates with the best hotels and restaurants of the country. Our tourists can be welcomed at the high-qualified hotels of the capital such as Marriott, Yerevan, Metropol, Ararat, Congress, Ani Plaza,  etc. Our guests can also be offered high-class hotels in the regions of Armenia such as Hotel and Water - World Complex “Harsnaqar” and Tufenkian Heritage Hotel “Avan Marak Tsapatagh” on the shore of Lake Sevan, “Nane” and “Berlin” Hotels in Gyumri, etc. At present accommodation in Armenia coves all grades from exclusive, luxurious hotels to charming country houses. "FIRST Travel and Services" also owns a bar-restaurant “Horoscope”, where various guest-parties and other events can be organized.
Our company also provides air-tickets reservation service. Tickets to all destinations can be required right from our site. (link to “Air-tickets” from “Service”)
Our team has a big experience in sport events organization. Our services have been provided to Combined Football Teams of different countries such as Spain, Germany, Belgium, Andorra, Ukraine, France, Denmark. In 1999 "FIRST Travel and Services" hosted National Football Team of France (Champion of the World in 1998). According to this visit our company together with Provance-Armenee organization arranged motor rally where professional racers participated.

"FIRST Travel and Services" also has experienced camper tourism (by motorhomes) in Armenia. In the summer of 2002 twenty-six campers were met at the Armenian-Persian frontier and a tour through whole Armenia was organized. Our company has been the only one providing such type of tourism in Armenia.
The work and the efforts in the sphere of tourism development were highly estimated by BID (Business Initiative Directions). In 2002 the company was awarded the Century International Quality Era Award for corporate achievement, leadership, quality and excellence.