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Armenians abide by the ancient custom of hospitality

Population of Armenia

Customs, traditions, way of life of other peoples are always interesting. The history of the nation is reflected in them. The modern Armenian’s way of life has kept the certain traditional character in itself. Every new here is just a well-forgotten old. It is appreciable everywhere. We shall try to describe some details of way of life of Armenian, which are still in the base of the Armenian family.

Armenians love children very much. Children of each brother are considered to be brothers and sisters, and each mother is blamed, if she loves her own children more than the children of her brother-in-law. The identical attitude to all children and grandsons is shown by old people.

Housekeeping is traditionally the matter of the eldest woman in the family. In housekeeping the authority of the woman is found to be above the authority of the man. To strike a woman is considered to be a big shame. For the husband’s insult the wife can ask protection of his mother.

Traditionally Armenians have special respect for old people and always take their opinion into consideration, especially if it concerns the questions of home life. Young people are very polite to grown-ups. If the elder person enters into the house young people rise and sit down only after the invitation of the grown-up. At the presence of old people the young people hesitate to talk loudly and, as a rule, do not smoke.

Armenians abide by the ancient custom of hospitality. A guest in the house is always desired. In many rural families there is tradition to contain a specially intended room for the guests, furnishing it with best furniture, carpets and bed.

Very interesting is the ceremony of clothing of the bride. In the evening, during a prewedding feast in the house of the bride, the kavorkin (the proxy mother) together with the close relatives of the groom brings a dress and a veil for the bride. The bride dresses in the next room and then comes to the guests. Then the guests rise and accompanied by melodies of dhol and zurna go to the house of the groom. Here the wedding goes on till the morning.