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Armenia has always been at the crossroads of routes linking Europe and Asia

Attractions in Armenia

Armenia has always been at the crossroads of routes linking Europe and Asia. It is not only the world's first Christian country but also is one of the earliest countries in the world.

Biblical legend holds that the famous Noah's Ark, that preserved life on earth after the Flood, is landed on the Armenian Mount Ararat.

Travel to Armenia can be considered a journey to the roots. It's like a pilgrimage, a chance to touch the shrine. And the holy places there are indeed many churches, monasteries, monastery. All it tell about the inviolability of the Christian faith of the people and pride in the fact that Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity as its official religion.

Armenia especially love those, who appreciate the cultural tourism. Armenia attracted them by amazing beauty of nature and natural vacation, exotic lifestyle of the Highlanders, the hospitality and the hospitality of the Armenian people and the unique ancient history of the Armenians.

The oldest architectural monuments, unique traditions and customs, delicious cuisine, exclusive handicrafts artisans and of course the unique nature of these places, where high mountains alternate with deep gorges, forests, semi-deserts and arid plains of snow-capped mountains - all this awaits you in Armenia.