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In Armenian mythology Azhdahak is a vishaps (man-dragon)

Azhdahak - the highest peak of Geghama ridge

Geghama ridge is located in Armenia on the boundary of Kotayk and Gegharkunik regions. It has a lot of beautiful peaks and the highest of them is Azhdahak (Azhdahak), with a 3597.3 meters height above sea level and located in the northern part of the ridge.

In Armenian mythology Azhdahak is a vishaps (man-dragon). Dragons live in the high mountains, large lakes, in the sky, in the clouds. Going up to the sky or going down, especially on the lake, producing a roar, sweep away everything in its path. Lived up to thousands of years Vishaps can absorb the whole world. Often during a thunderstorm vishaps grown old with high mountains or lakes are rising to the sky, and the heavenly vishaps down to earth. In Persian Azhdahak means - a huge, powerful, big.

There are triangular and a small "little room" built from stones at the top of Azhdahak, where you hide from the wind. There is a beautiful view of Lake Sevan from Azhdahak in clear weather.