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Matenadaran is the sanctuary of ancient manuscripts

Institute of ancient manuscripts Matenadaran

Institute of Ancient Manuscripts after Mesrop Mashtots - Matenadaran was based on nationalized in 1920-1921 collection of manuscripts of the Echmiadzin monastery.

Matenadaran is the sanctuary of ancient manuscripts. There are more than 17 thousand manuscripts in its funds, not only in Armenian, but also in Persian, Arabic, Syriac, Greek, Hebrew and other languages. Matenadaran is the center of Middle East history for many foreign scientists. And the history buffs can simply admire the medieval manuscripts in silver and leather bindings.

The museum exposition has numerous samples of ancient Armenian written language and miniatures. Many manuscripts are of great artistic value.

Here are stored the biggest, the smallest, the thickest and the thinnest book in the world. The Matenadaran is constantly conducted research work on the study and publication of the Armenian written records.