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Monastery Goshavank

Monastery Goshavank is another masterpiece of ancient Armenian architecture

Monastery Goshavank

Monastery Goshavank is another masterpiece of ancient Armenian architecture. Located approximately 20 km east of Dilijan, 8 km from the highway Dilijan-Ijevan, directly in the village Gosh. The construction of the monastery participated Mkhitar Gosh - politician and eminent scholar of medieval Armenia.

The monastery complex includes: the Church of St. Astvatsatsin (1196g.), The Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator (1241g.) Porch (1203g.), Library with a bell tower (1291g.), School building (XIII century.), Gallery (XIII c.), chapel (XIII century.). The main church of the monastery belongs to the type's cross.

Located in the vicinity of turbulent mountain rivers and village houses, Goshavank is free of outer walls. Only the peasants’ houses surround the monastery, some of them being at a considerable distance. The gorgeous landscape makes this site a most popular tourist destination.

Мonastery Goshavank is well-known for its khachkars decorated with complicated carved patterns. One of them, erected at the entrance to St. Gregory church, is created by one of the greatest medieval Armenian masters, Poghos, whose another masterpiece is presented in the Museum of History of Armenia, Yerevan. Those two khachkars are called as embroidered for its complicated and very detailed pattern.

Even though the church has recently undergone some light restorations, today the monastery is not a functioning religious complex.