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Monastery Sanahin

Sanahin Monastery is one of the main religious sites of this region.

Monastery Sanahin

Sanahin Monastery, located in the eponymous village in the canyon of the river Debed, is one of the main religious sites of this region. It is believed that the monastery stands on the spot where in the IV century. Grigor the Illuminator a stone cross was erected.

The exact date of foundation of the monastery is still unknown. However, there is some information that is already in X-XI Art. the number of monks in the monastery reached several hundred people.

The first church Surb Astvatsatsin on the site was built by the Armenian King Abbas Bagratunina about the first half of the X century.

The largest monument is the church Sanahin Amenaprkich, served in the tenth item. The St. Astvatsatsin church differs from Amenaprkich church only in masonry made of smoothly hewn basalt pieces. The main attraction of the church is considered a sculptural group, presented in the form of kings Kyurike and Smbat, each holding a model of the church.

Original works of Armenian architecture are considered civil and Academy Book Depository Sanahin, built in XI century.