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Monastery Haghpat

Haghpat Monastery is among the fascinating and rich nature. It is the pearl of Lori region

Monastery Haghpat

Haghpat Monastery is among the fascinating and rich nature. It is the pearl of Lori region.
This masterpiece of medieval Armenian religious architecture built on a climbing halfway up the hill, with a wonderful view of the gorge of the river Debed.

Haghpat the area boasts many delightful khachkars (cross-stones) of 11-13 centuries. The most famous among them is the cross-stone Amenaprkich, which means Saviour. It stands here in 1273.

Another object of pride is the chapel tower, built in 1210, as well as a two-storey bell tower, built in 1245.

The oldest building of the monastery of the Holy Cross was built in 977-991 years. The building though massive, but elegant. Holy water fills the small pond in the church. It is said that the water is healing.

The monastery had once been a library, scriptorium, schools and refectories. Among the many great manuscripts that were copied here, Haghpat Gospel is the most significant. It was written in 1211.

The monastic complexes of Haghpat and Sanahin are inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.