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Monastery Geghard

Monastery Geghard belongs to the type of cross-domed churches

Monastery Geghard

From the seven kilometers northeast from the temple of Garni, above the gorge of the Azat river is Monastery Geghard, famous for his rock architecture that competes with ground buildings.
It belongs to the type of cross-domed churches. The external appearance of the temple is consistent with its interior, especially expressive transition from dusk to the bottom of the high-dome space saturated with light.

From the Garni village should climb the gorge Karmirget River, about 8 kilometers above the fortress. It is the most beautiful but also the most difficult way. There is more convenient for pedestrians asphalt road leading from the village of Garni.

Geghard Monastery is located on a slope almost closed amphitheater cliffs crashing into the blue sky, surrounded by harsh and majestic nature. Pointer way to it is the figure of a lioness on a high pedestal in a sharp turn of the road, unexpected views of the monastery.

Gegard base time is uncertain. Most likely, at this place in the beginning of IV century it was founded the monastery, called Ayrivank (Cave Monastery) because of its location in the natural and artificial caves.