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St. Gayane Church

St. Gayane church was built a century ago, in 630

St. Gayane Church

St. Gayane Church has the same history as the Church of St. Hripsime. Although St. Gayane church was built a century ago, in 630, its architecture hasn't undergone major changes. Only the dome and some areas have been partly renovated.

Church of St. Gayane in Echmiadzin an outstanding example of the basilica with a dome of the central plan. Basilica dome rests on four pillars, which divide a rectangular hall in the nave and two side-chapel, with rectangular chapels. The harmonious proportions and the unity of the plan are the hallmarks of this architectural monument. Church devoid of special decorative items.

Before the construction of this masterpiece, the tomb of St. Gayane with a chapel above it there was.

St. Gayane and the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.